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California's Communities Student Materials

$83.00 to $110.00
Item Number: CA-4751


The Student Materials bundle brings together the best of both worlds with a print Student Edition and an Elementary (K-5) Social Studies Student License, giving students two ways to access the content they need to learn and master state Social Studies and ELA standards. It is perfect for all learning environments including in-class, distance, and blended learning.


The print Student Edition includes:

  • Standards-based content that guides students through their learning with clear content organization and a detailed, unifying narrative.
  • Rich primary sources, literary passages, and diverse biographies that help students understand different perspectives and facilitate in-depth study.
  • Images that are mindfully chosen to support the text and captions that incorporate main ideas.
The Student License includes all of the content of the Student Edition plus additional online support such as our text-to-speech tool, games, and videos.

Student licenses do not work independently and must be linked to a corresponding teacher license to function.

Order one bundle per student.

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