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Florida and Its People Student Journal

Item Number: 170-9
ISBN: 978-1-68468-170-9


The colorful, easy-to-use, print consumable Student Journal combines standards-based content and rich activities to support student learning. Students will make personal connections that allow them to develop a deep understanding of key social studies content while building critical social studies and ELA skills.

The Student Journal includes:

  • Unit inquiry projects that support the development of a deeper understanding of the unit concepts.
  • Jam-packed hands-on activities get students out of their seats, interacting with the content, asking questions, and conducting purposeful research.
  • Standards-based content, rich primary sources, literary passages, and diverse biographies that help students understand multiple perspectives.
  • Vocabulary activities that help students remember the key terms in a creative and engaging way.
  • Show-what-you-know assessments at the end of each lesson that let students use processing skills to apply content in challenging ways.

Order one per student.